“There is really nothing to say, but in this first Friday of Lent, a day of abstinence, let us offer up our prayers and sacrifices for the stricken nation of Japan and the people living in anxiety as the water moves…”

So says the Anchoress of the massive 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan. She’s right, though it feels woefully inadequate.

I’ve dashed off emails and prayers for friends whose entire families are in Japan and one to a very pregnant friend in Hawaii who is most likely still awake now, still crying, still nervous with the evaucation sirens blaring on the hour.

From the WSJ:

The inside of The Wall Street Journal newsroom wasn’t immune to the raw shock. Workers in the office, located on the 19th floor of an Otemachi district skyscraper, quickly moved from business-as-usual handling of typical quakes to a startled realization that the building across the way was moving from left to right. In a few seconds, the swaying became so violent that staff had to hold on to desk and chairs. Knuckles tightened, and faces grew pale.

Tokyo is over 200 miles from the epicenter. 

A passenger train missing? There are no words.


CMR: A Prayer Request from Japan 

Hot Air has amazing coverage with video and pics. The whirlpool horrifies me. And the second-order effects, namely the nuclear reactor problems, will continue to pose myriad dangers. Pray and donate if you’re able.


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  1. had not seen the whirlpool, it is terrifying. Prayers.

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