Scathing Strassel

Who knew we’d have to worry about a President who remains more concerned with Kansas bball “firepower” than Gadaffi’s? Or the disaster of losing cable on game night rather than the millions suffering from real disaster in Japan?

Kimberly Strassel in the WSJ:

One knock on Barack Obama in the 2008 election was his record as an Illinois state senator, where he repeatedly ducked tough issues by voting “present.” It seems old habits die hard.

If you’d like to know where the leader of the free world stands on those NCAA rankings, just turn on ESPN. (“I think Kansas has more firepower,” he explained as he filled out his bracket.) Wondering what the commander in chief thinks about gun laws? Don’t worry—he’s in favor of those already on the books, according to a recent op-ed.

If, however, you are curious about where the most powerful man in the universe stands on Libya, radiation, a possible government shutdown, the future of Social Security, or rising oil prices, don’t look to the White House. Those issues are tough. Those issues risk mistakes. Those issues might mean unhappy voters. And right now, it’s approval ratings the White House cares about.

Obama advisers are spinning their excuses for the president’s absence (he needs to stay above the fray, he believes in international agreement). Conservatives, for their part, are beginning to argue the “incompetence” line. A combination of all is probably at work, along with an even greater impulse: political safety. Mr. Obama got a taste of falling approval ratings last year. The White House has worked hard to get those numbers back up and wants to keep them there until Mr. Obama has a GOP opponent and can go into campaign mode—where he’s at his best.

There’s nothing left to add. Read the rest.

One polling question Obama can’t escape: whether he remains committed to ensuring America’s prosperity. Seems most of the country has figured that one out. Finally.


2 Responses

  1. Well, we tried to tell people.

  2. I too saw Stassel’s piece and it is scathing and it is right on. This president doesn’t focus. I don’t think he really wants to be president, or at least he doesn’t want to do the hard part of the job. He’s certainly into the accolades, as phony as they are.

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