Via Cubachi, Mike Pence draws a line in the sand:

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) called for a showdown with “Senate liberals” Monday, saying the GOP must not retreat from its plan to slash $61 billion even if it means funding the government just one day at a time.

Fine idea. Cut a little more daily, please. Pence argues this is the alternative to a government shutdown:

“This early fight is an important one. I expect that when this current three-week resolution runs out we are going to have a fight,” Pence said. “Harry Reid has signaled he is not going to budge off of this kind of slow nickel-dime approach without a fight.”

Pence said that once Reid called the Republicans plan to cut $61 billion “reckless, irresponsible and mean-spirited,” Pence just threw his hands up in the air and said, “It’s time to pick a fight.’”

But Pence said that, despite his desire to start a showdown in the Senate, he is not advocating a government shutdown.

“Let me be clear,” said Pence. “Nobody wants to shut down the government, and there wouldn’t be any reason we would have to do that.”

I disagree, but this might be the way forward for the GOP sans the worry of receiving blame for a shutdown that isn’t due. Hang the albatross around Reid’s neck instead.

Via Gateway Pundit, who slaps his head: “No Wonder They Hate Governor Walker!” Wisconsin teachers in one district will no longer receive 90 sick days annually. First, I know of no job on earth that entitles one to three months of paid leave. Especially when school is in session only 180 days a year.

Let that sink in a little more. 180 days of in-classroom work-90 days of paid sick leave. No wonder they’ve got their panties in a collective wad, no?

Speaking of Wisconsin, the judge who issued a temporary restraining order against the state’s new laws governing the public sector employee unions seems to have numerous conflicts of interest. What a surprise! Doug Ross has the “Red” Alert. Literally!

Professor Jacobson with a bit of good news in Wisconsin: E-mailers strongly support Walker.


4 Responses

  1. I hope Gov Walker wins in the end. He has to. Right is on his side.

  2. Harry Reid had to turn out the dead guy vote in order to beat Sharron Angle. Nationally, he’s a little more popular than turd-encrusted crap.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is–ALWAYS hang the blame on Reid’s chicken-bone neck.

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