No wonder Baby Joseph needed to leave Canada

The last post on Baby Joseph brought commenters all the way from Canada. Not very nice ones, I might add. But before posting the Canadian pleasantries, I’ll toss this up: Baby Joseph finally received his tracheotomy  Monday and will be soon be heading home. Yes, to die. At home. Surrounded by his family and in less pain from the breathing tubes.

I have never argued that his life could be saved with better care. Neither did his parents in the myriad articles I read. They just wanted Joseph to die peacefully at home where they could care for him rather than watching their baby writhe while he suffocated to death in a sterile hospital. The Maraachli’s fought the hospital’s decision in court and lost–lost the request to have a tracheotomy that would have enabled them to take Joseph home to die in peace.

May I present the first feel-the-Canadian-love comment, from Magatha:

This post is inaccurate. The priests did not remove this baby “under cover of darkness.” In fact, they didn’t enter the hospital at all. Despite the misgivings of medical experts, the London hospital released the child to the priests willingly. They even provided medical transport and staff in order to take the child to the airstrip where the priests were awaiting the child. Oh, and the doctors did not delay baby Joseph’s transfer–it took the priests two weeks to find a hospital in the U.S. to take the baby. Approximately 12 hospitals, upon reviewing the baby’s medical charts, declined to take Joseph on as a patient. Furthermore, the doctors who were caring for Joseph have determined that the baby has no hope of recovery. This is not because they don’t want to treat him; it’s because this baby is, unfortunately, dying.

Here’s another fact that you may not be aware of: Joseph’s older sister, Zina, died of the same neurological condition about 8 years ago. At that time, doctors did acquiese to the parents’ request to trach her and send her home. She was in and out of the hospital with terrible infections and finally died in the hospital.

I would like to also point out that the St. Louis hospital that did finally take this poor child announced that they would reveal their treatment plans and would also be inserting a tracheotomy by the end of this past week. They made this announcement on Monday, Mar 14. It is now Saturday, March 19 and there have been no announcements as to how they plan to treat this baby, nor has he received a tracheotomy. Perhaps that’s because these doctors realize what a terrible position they are in–they’ve given hope to a family and must now take that hope away again. What a terrible situation for everyone involved.

Since you’re so concerned, Magatha, he did receive his tracheotomy on March 21st. But with Canadian press articles like this one, no wonder you’re so tormented. Yes, I was aware of Joseph’s older sister. I posted about the family’s heartbreak previously. The hospital didn’t “give hope to a family” only to take it away. From the LifeSite story:

Joseph was rescued a week ago from a Canadian hospital in London, Ontario  by Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who paid for a private specialized medical plane to take the boy to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri so he could have the medical procedure before his parents take him home, where he will likely die soon from a degenerative neurological condition.

Moe Maraachli, the baby’s father, released a statement saying, “Good morning all friends and family and supporters. Me and my wife we thank you so much for everything and for your praying to our baby Joseph ….today is big day for Joseph.”

The family fought to take their son home. To die. Like his older sister. His sister was given the tracheotomy. That’s why they wanted one for Joseph.

It might be difficult for you to imagine a family who would fight for the right to take their son home to die in peace on his own terms–not by the hand of a doctor–but that’s what happened. Nothing more.

Dr. Manny Alvarez writes:

I’ve heard many comments on this story, ranging from supportive to critical. Some people I’ve talked to are upset – they believe that by performing a tracheotomy, Joseph’s parents and doctors are prolonging his suffering.

I have to disagree. I believe the actions taken by the hospital fall in line with the standards that many institutions have in regard to palliative care for children with terminal diseases.

The goal of palliative care, as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is to promote the welfare of infants and children living with life-threatening or terminal conditions and their families. The guidelines include having sensitivity to and respect for the child’s and family’s wishes as well as alleviating pain and providing access to therapies that will improve the child’s quality of life.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what Joseph’s new doctors did in this case.

Let’s get something straight: A tracheotomy does not necessarily prolong the life of terminally ill patients. Its main purpose is to provide comfort to the patient.

Breathing tubes inserted through the mouth or nose can cause painful sores to develop along the inside of the mouth and throat. A tracheotomy, meanwhile, inserts a tube directly into the throat through an incision in the neck. This eliminates some of the pain and discomfort associated with intubation.

In this particular case, the tracheotomy will also allow Joseph to go home and live out his remaining days with his family.

Death panels eliminate the humane practice of medicine on cost-cutting grounds. Yes, the child will die anyway. But he will be more comfortable.

L Ross, another darling commenter, added this:

The hospital in London did exactly what was the right thing to do. They got over 9 pediatric specialists to review this babes case, this included other hospitals in Canada and in the USA, and they all came up to the same conclusion, a trach would not benefit the child in any way, but would only compound his condition and create infections and respiratory difficulties. However, they did say they would transport the baby home to the comfort of the parents. Where he could pass away peacefully. This hospital has cared for this baby and his big sister who both have had this terminal disease at absolutely no cost to the parents. As well, both parents have threatened the doctors and the hospital with death. This is a very sad sad story. But the baby was not rescued, he was canvassed out like a publicity stunt and used to further other agendas

The hospital would not release Joseph to home care. The hospital posted guards in his room to deny private visitation with family. Big difference, eh?

Finally, the best for last. From Joe Canadian:

Uncomfortable? For sure. Priests are notorious for making little boys uncomfortable all the time.

Need to change their name to ‘Pedophiles for life’. Now they are the good guys??? Give me a break…

What do you think will change? The baby will still die. The parents will have to say good-bye.

The diff. is that the Profit driven U.S. health care system is standing to make a whole crap load of money off of this disgrace.

Author has to mention ‘Ontario’ is in Canada???
Ontario is bigger than Texas, California and New York combined. It borders on at least half a dozen of your states. I’m not surprised that the U.S. reader needs a great deal of ‘dumbing down’ when reading info. They did elect George W. twice (well, once anyway).

Don’t throw that death panel crap our way. The only death panel that exists exist only in the States in the form of Health Insurance Companies. No Canadian uses that term to describe our medical system so you can shut it anytime.

No health care debate up North. That discussion is happening soley in your neck of the woods.

Let me know when the baby makes a full recovery; attends Catholic school and gets sexually abused by one of the priests that ‘saved him’.

See ya from the ‘free health care Country of canada, where no bill is given – ever, for medical care received.

You could only wish to have it so good.

Wow. Your fabulous health care–where no bill is given, ever–has disastrous treatment rates. So much so that rich Canadians flee to the United States for that profit-driven health care with better results. There’s no need to use the term “death panel” in Canada because every Canadian who doesn’t have the money to go elsewhere is subject to one. So you can keep that no-bill care. I know I have it better, dude. 

And by the way, the hospital at which Baby Joseph received care is a Catholic non-profit.

I won’t bother arguing the slur against priests. I’m sure Joe Canadian is well aware that even liberal darling Alfred Kinsey showed a third of all male homosexuals admitted to sex with minors. That means little boys, Joe. Whoops, eh?. That’s not a PC thing to say, is it? And since you’re all-PC-gotta-get-my-slap-at-W-and-priests, then maybe that’s enough to make your liberal head explode today. Let’s hope, eh?


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  1. Yeah, I don’t think you have to pay attention to leftist Canucks who have gladly chugged down the socialist swill spewed by their shiny-happy faux-compassionate government.

  2. Seems like we capitalist pigs in the US have more compassion for the dying and the unborn than most of these socialist countries.

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