Ham and taxes.

Oh Friday. A Friday in Lent during which I put ham on my husband’s breakfast bagel before realizing it was Friday.

Doh. pjHusband said it reminded him of another wife giving forbidden foodstuffs.



Naptime blogging ahead if I’m lucky. Plus, more Canadian fanmail in the queue! Check the google feed for good coffee reading.

Tooooooooo much housework on the docket (I use the term loosely, to include in this case digging through the remaining boxes in the garage from last summer’s move to find tax junk. Fun stuff, indeed.)

Speaking of taxes, isn’t it handy to be a BFF of the President? That way you don’t catch too much grief when it turns out your ginormous company doesn’t pay any taxes at all. And gets money back, to boot! Jonah Goldberg calls the endless loopholes “nonsense.” I have another word for it.

I’m with the Lonely Conservative: I prefer not to buy GE products.

Now back to my handful of boxes in the chilly garage. Do they multiply in the night?

5 Responses

  1. you’ve gotta reckon, the reason it bugs some Canadian readers is because they don’t want to face with the moral problems of their own system?

  2. Gotta love the Canucks haters. Feed on their anger and tears, PJMom.

    As for GE, it might be a time for a boycott. Or maybe let’s just kick Barry out in a year.

  3. Oh, and boxes do reproduce – asexually, I might add – I swear I only left one in the basement….dang things must bud out or divide….

  4. Good News, Eve…er…PJMom….

    Today is the Feast of the Annunciation! It is nine months from Christmas.

    Because of can. 1251 members of the Latin Church, usually bound to do penance on Fridays of Lent, are not bound today. So ham it up!!!

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