If GW had ever allied himself with sworn enemies…

Liberals would have mocked him mercilessly.

Via Pajamas Media, the Libyan rebel leader fought against us in Afghanistan.  John Rosenthal writes:

Shortly after unrest broke out in eastern Libya in mid-February, reports emerged that an “Islamic Emirate” had been declared in the eastern Libyan town of Darnah and that, furthermore, the alleged head of that Emirate, Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, was a former detainee at the American prison camp in Guantánamo. The reports, which originated from Libyan government sources, were largely ignored or dismissed in the Western media.

Now, however, al-Hasadi has admitted in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore that he fought against American forces in Afghanistan. (Hat-tip: Thomas Joscelyn at the Weekly Standard.) Al-Hasadi says that he is the person responsible for the defense of Darnah — not the town’s “Emir.” In a previous interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail, he claimed to have a force of about 1,000 men and to have commanded rebel units in battles around the town of Bin Jawad.

“I have never been at Guantánamo,” al-Hasadi explained to Il Sole 24 Ore. “I was captured in 2002 in Peshawar in Pakistan, while I was returning from Afghanistan where I fought against the foreign invasion. I was turned over to the Americans, detained for a few months in Islamabad, then turned over to Libya and released from prison in 2008.”


At NRO, Jonah Goldberg adds:

I don’t think this is a bombshell, but I hope somebody in the White House is on top of this.

I disagree with the first assertion, and I can hedge my bets on the second: doubtful!

We need ground troops–of the Special Ops variety–if this “kinetic action” is to have any quick or lasting effect. Considering our guys were fighting these dudes in Afghanistan, then … yeah. Likely? Doubtful.

Pundette has more on Libya this morning, especially a lovely tidbit about the brilliant telling operational name of our days, no “weeks, not days,” kinetic action. Didn’t they say Obama and his minions were so smart that we’d see genius at work all over the place! Turns out they were right. Heh.


3 Responses

  1. Barry is just doing his usual Hate America First dance with the most energetic purveyors of the anti-US worldview: Islamic terrorists.

    He’ll knock out Qaddaffi and let Islamic extremists take over Libya. For a Islamist sympathizer like Obamster, letting Muslim radicals snag Libya just makes sense.

    It’s just frustrating that we have to live with Obama for another year and a half.

  2. This “knetic military action” keeps getting stranger by the minute.

  3. I find it rather hard to believe that the WH had no idea about this. Are our intel guys and gals really this slack? It’s easier to believe that BO is simply doing what he said he’d do: side with Muslims over the West. Not that I really want to believe that, either. Ugh.

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