Dreaded words: Pass Closed


Especially on the day to drive home.


4 Responses

  1. Waiting for the crocuses to start following PJT home. Or the ice in my driveway to melt. Whichever comes first. 😉

    • LOL. We should plant a few. PJT enjoys detective stories (the old Richard Scarry ones). Lately we’ve been looking for clues and “signs of spring.” I have one daffodil in the yard waiting to bloom. Poor thing was nearly buried this morning! PJT, however, was incredibly excited to see it still there.

      Hope you didn’t get too much ice. Ice isn’t good. For pedestrians, cars or skis ; )

  2. Yikes! I hope that’s like a basement window but I’m guessing its not….

    • North-facing. The place we stayed got another 7″ last night, but closer to the pass (25 m) it was a foot before the elevation gain. I can’t imagine how much Berthoud Pass received. It’s the highest pass. And still closed after 24 hrs (I don’t think it ever stopped snowing). We had to take the wicked long detour. Let me stress wicked long. Lol. But as a bonus saw the headwaters of the Colorado River as a result. And now woke up to 4″ of fluffy wet spring snow here. PjT said, “Look, If followed us home!”

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