Surprise, surprise, surprise: Lila Rose exposes Planned Parenthood exec as liar

So much for the argument that Planned Parenthood needs your tax dollars to provide free mammograms for poor women who would otherwise be unable to pay:

I love the line at the 1:00 mark. No, we’re a surgical facility.

H/t Matthew Archibold who adds:

Firstly, remind me never to make an enemy of Lila Rose because dude she’s scary good at taking down the federally funded Goliath called Planned Parenthood. Today she just released a new video where using a bunch of phone calls she has exposed the abortion giant as a bunch of liars. I know it’s shocking that people who kill babies for a living would also be a bunch of big fat liars.

I’d add the Susan G. Komen Foundation to that list, too. Remember, they give to PP under the premise of supporting “breast health.”

UPDATE: linked by Backyard Conservative who has more commentary. Thanks!


6 Responses

  1. Waiting for a certain Congresswoman to insist she gets her mammagrams at PP…..

  2. WOW that girl is brilliant. Never would have occurred to me to just call some PP branches to test those political claims.

    What a bunch of lying liars, oh I could say a lot more.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent find.

    • Jill Stanek did a while back as did others, but no audio. Lila Rose is an impressive young lady–emphasis on young. It always astounds me that she’s barely out of college.

  3. Oh SNAP! I know Lila’s work has generated some consternation on the side of some who think its wrong to put on a subterfuge – but there’s nothing of the sort in this!

    • I agree-there’s nothing of the sort in this. And the subterfuge is necessary at times to expose folks and what they do. The classic double standard. It’s ok for liberals to engage in such to trip up conservatives, but the same rules never apply in reverse.

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