Orwellian news of the day brought to you by Colorado Springs police

I wish I could say April Fools’. Alas, it was published yesterday in the Gazette:

The Colorado Springs Police Department is employing another set of cameras to keep an eye on motorists.

This time, it’s to catch speeders.

Within the next week, a mobile speed van will start making its way across Colorado Springs to catch people pushing the speed limit, the Police Department said Wednesday. The department will begin a 30-day trial period April 5 that will issue warnings to motorists caught going too fast.

Officers will begin issuing tickets on May 5.

Sgt. Steve Noblitt, police spokesman, said the van comes as officers on motorcycles — who have typically been responsible for writing the bulk of the city’s traffic tickets — respond to a wider range of calls and spend less time clocking speeders.

“We just don’t have the ability to continue to do the same kind of speed enforcement that we’d done in the past,” Noblitt said.

The “state of the art” van captures the speed of passing vehicles and then takes pictures of vehicles that are going too fast, police said. Signs will be posted near the van to warn passing motorists that the van is nearby.

Fixed traffic cameras are bad enough. But a roaming van? How close will the signs be? Beware of speed: government intrusion van may be roaming on a street within a five mile radius.

H/t: pjHusband.


One Response

  1. This is the big criminal activity that needs to be monitored, huh?

    Not drug dealers selling death to kids. Not gang bangers setting up criminal fiefdoms. Not rapists terrorizing women.

    No, speeders are so terrible they warrant this kind of overkill response.


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