Gaffes, huh?

Amusement from the NYT re Michele Bachmann’s forays into primary politics:

Ms. Bachmann would have substantial obstacles to overcome. She has already made some high-profile gaffes — including declaring late last month that the opening shots of the Revolutionary War took place in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts — that raise questions about her preparation for the scrutiny of a national campaign.

Pardon me while I snort my coffee. Really, that someone could write this with a straight face after this:

Luckily, he didn’t receive much scrutiny for a national campaign. (Oh, forgot: the (D) after one’s name precludes any serious scrutiny).

Doug Powers says the media might consider vetting Obama this year. This would’ve been a grand April Fools’. I’m betting no.

Pundette has the scoop on Mr. Gaffe-tastic gearing up the ol’ campaign. What an ad! The enthusiasm underwhelms.

And finally, speaking of Bachmann, here’s this month’s Hot Air primary poll. I toggled my button for Bachmann. At this point, with Christie out and too many RINOs in, Bachmann gets my vote. Pawlenty leaves me cold. I’m trying, really. But… meh. What say you?


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  1. I personally feel she is doing this because they didn’t give her a seat at the big boy’s table. She wanted #4 position in leadership and she caste aside like a fly.

    She is going to drive the debate to the right which I like. My biggest issue with her is that she will mobilize the left, just like Palin will. The left has lost faith in Obama, many may stay home.

    More than anything I would like a president that can actually get things done instead of all this polarization. Nice dream huh?

    • We share the same dream (and it hits me how crazy that really is. As in, that should be an *automatic* rather than a wish!)

      Will Bachmann mobilize the left as much as Palin?

      • Oh, yeah. I have a few facebook friends who are feminist leftists. They HATE her. They think she is dangerous. One of them told that because Bachmann took in all those foster kids there must be a heart in there somewhere, too bad she doesn’t use it. LOL.
        They think it much more heartfelt to be someone who driving the country to bankruptcy and forcing drastic measures when we can no longer borrow money.

      • LOL. Because their liberal hearts are in the right place, nothin else (oh, insolvency) matters

  2. Double standard is incredible. I hope Obama loses, just so the Libs can eat dirt.

  3. I’m not sure how exited I am about the candidates.
    I like Bachmann, she’s obviously smart, and, unlike our President, she’s a doer. But I find that she comes across a bit cold on TV. I don’t think she can win. Pawlenty is not very telegenic either.
    Bolton is probably running for Veep or Secretary of State…
    It doesn’t really matter what I think. By the time primaries reach CA, the nominee will be determined.

    • I’m not sure if she can win or not. I think she can usurp the Palin voters easily, though. The irony of the GOP powers-that-be rebuff of her House leadership quest essentially netted this as a result. I like Bolton, but I’m not sure if he has enough name recognition. UN-who?

      And does, too matter. You have a voice that reaches beyond state lines. You know that.

  4. LOL. I love the way she’s painted as a doof, but she has an impressive history as a tax litigator, doesn’t she?

    The gaffe doesn’t bother me, but I’ve listed to her weasel just a wee bit on the Laura Ingraham show once, it made me uncomfortable. Nothing major. Just . . . . a bit too politicky regarding some of the parlimentary moves to defund Obamacare. Can’t even remember the specifics now.

    Anyhoo, what say me about the potential candidates generally? That it’s too soon to pick one. And that I’m really nervous about who is gonna get picked. Alot sure rides on it.

    cheers friend

    • I haven’t heard weaselling, but that would bother me greatly. She’s not my number one, but heck–these days, I’m just happy there’s a damn conservative who doesn’t say oh, abortion, we don’t have time for that. Ditto re too soon and ditto re nervous. I feel like my kid’s future is at stake.

      • “I feel like my kid’s future is at stake.”


        Shoot, it’s the only reason I’m keeping up with politics. Our kids futures are at stake, and even if things go to hell in a handbasket, I want to be able to say, well, I tried. I didn’t keep my head in the sand.

        I Googled that Ingraham/Bachmann thing that had bugged me, because I just couldn’t remember enough facts to say whether it was important. Of all things, I found it at ThinkProgress, LOL.

        Rep King was trying to defund Obamacare thru a continuing resolution, and Bachmann was not on board b/c the funding is mandatory under the Healthcare Law, and procedurally can’t be defunded that way. Plus she said, well it’s pointless b/c Reid and Obama won’t go along.

        Which is of course true. But Laura’s point was, well, who cares if it’s futile, try anyway. Put the ball in their court. Make them vote it down, make them veto it, over and over if necessary.

        Which I tend to agree with Laura on that one. BUT this is hardly a deal breaker. I’d still happily vote for Bachmann, should she end up the one on the ballot.

        I’ve noticed the way the left basically tries to smear Bachmann by equating her with Palin. But she has a lot more experience than Palin with DC politics and the intricacies of federal bureacracy. I’d actually pick her over Palin.

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