“Also, the mere thought of Ryan debating Joe Biden warms the cockles of even the grumpiest conservative’s heart”

So argues Jonah Goldberg on the idea of Paul Ryan as the VP on the ’12 ticket in the wake of the Path to Prosperity rollout.  Like others in the comments, I wish Ryan would run for top o’ the ticket. But I agree with Goldberg’s assessment that Ryan has too much work to do to run for President (unlike, ahem, our own absent CIC).

A likely debate exchange:

Biden: “Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare as we know it!”

Ryan: “That’s right, Joe. That’s because it’s going bankrupt.”

Biden: “Dish towels don’t taste lemony when you stand on one foot, and you can take that to the bank!”

Ryan: “I have no response to that.”

Biden: “Hah! I win again, kid.”

Heh. Bring it.

So what say you? Bachmann/Ryan? Rubio/Ryan? Bolton/Ryan? Petraeus/Ryan (dare to dream, eh?)


6 Responses

  1. You know, he would make an excellent VP. Let’s hope whomever wins the GOP primary has the forethought to select him. Romney-Ryan, has a good ring to it, and the mid west is the battle ground. Could be a winner. I heard it here first!

    • Romney?!? Seriously, friend, I would vote for Instapundit’s syphilitic camel first. One word: Romneycare. And he wont apologize for the mess that it is. No thanks.

      • LOL. I know. That’s his drawback, but I don’t see another in the primary that has a chance. I will give Romney a chance to explain his healthcare plan. I recently heard him say it did not work as he planned.

  2. I want to see both Ryan and Rubio run on top of the ticket one day, if not now then several election cycles from now. Veep usually has insider credentials which Rubio lacks at this moment. Ryan has insider cred, but is he interested? If he is interested, are we going to have a veep candidate who outshines our Presidential candidate again? That’s kind of sad.

  3. I like the idea of Ryan as veep. However the pres candidate would need to have exec experience. Cain, Palin, Pawlenty.

    • I agree on one hand re exec experience, but the folks with exec experience … I dunno. Wonder if they can win. Cain rocks. And I’m glad he’s in because he’ll drive the debate to the right. As much as it kills me, I think Palin has overexposed herself in poor ways. Pawlenty does nothin’ for me. He doesn’t have fire in his belly. And you need that conviction to convince others to follow–like Christie and Palin. Cain, too.

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