Priorities: Obama’s commitment to funding abortion more important than paying military at war

Truth hurts, huh.

So as military families across the nation grapple with half a paycheck mid-month, they can console themselves at the dinner table with the thought that Obama hung them out to dry so that Planned Parenthood can continue to butcher babies.

Ed Morrissey on the deal that wasn’t:

Here’s an idea: The Senate can pass a bill funding Planned Parenthood separately, so that federal subsidies for abortion mills don’t create a government shutdown, and let the House debate it straight up.  Reid won’t do that because PP funding is not popular and such a rider might not even pass in the Senate.

Update II: Boehner gave the shortest presser in modern history, which one reporter called “surreal” as he was being ushered out of the room.  Boehner said that “spending” was the only issue holding up an agreement, and challenged the White House and Harry Reid to “get serious” on spending cuts.  After delivering a short statement, Boehner left the room without taking a single question.

Meanwhile, Reid told the press that the troops won’t get paid because the President wants to protect Planned Parenthood’s bottom line:

Reid said that in addition to agreeing on the spending cut, negotiators had worked out policy disputes, which involve environmental protection, implementing President Barack Obama’s health care law, and regulating the Internet.

But Reid said Democrats are holding the line on a plan to cut off Planned Parenthood from federal money.

“That is an issue, as the president said last night, that we are not bending on,” Reid said.

Really? We’re not going to fund the government because the House refuses to fund Planned Parenthood?  That’s a position, all right.  Let’s see Democrats run on it.

Can’t bend on Planned Parenthood, but you can break the back of military families. That’s change you can believe in! Stacy McCain calls Libya “Obama’s Worst Failure to Date.” True enough on one hand, but boy, when you have so many fresh piles of crap to choose from, it’s hard to decide, ain’t it? (Maybe I’ll need a tip jar before this is all over!)

UPDATE: linked by Stacy McCain: Democrats Draw the Line, Will Shut Down Government over Planned Parenthood. Thanks! (Woot!)

UPDATE 2: (Another woot!) Linked as a Featured Blog at Pundit & Pundette. Thanks!


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  1. I’ve always said the Dems will negotiate on all things except abortion. Abortion is their core principle. The party of death.

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