Obama, weeping on the inside, celebrates budget cuts

At least he still gets the vacation!

I’m still laughing at the Barry & Harry et al celebrating the “historic” cuts. The ability to lie through clenched teeth must be a requisite.

Pundette has the scoop, including tinny liberal whining: In budget deal, Obama & Reid lose.  Lose isn’t the word: not only are the cuts deeper than Boehner originally sought, but the Senate will bring Planned Parenthood funding to a vote. And an Obamacare repeal. This should be fun. Additionally, Obama will sign the bill which also restores funding to the DC voucher program–the one he has openly and adamently opposed (why, exactly, should those poor kids get an education like my two girls do? If the public school isn’t good enough for me… oh, wait!)

As they say in the Army, Hooah! (Or, the Marine Corps distinction: Hoo-rah!)

The Other McCain isn’t as pleased.  (Maybe he should just be happy not to have to tip-jar compete with a cute military wife!)

On that note: when pjHusband came home to dinner last night, I was awed by the craziness of the information dissemination at work. Soldiers were not officially aware of what the impending cuts would mean until afternoon. And rumors flew: officers o-3 and above would receive nothing mid-month. Nothing? I hope the House brings the military pay funding bill to the floor separately so that playing chicken with military families is off the table.

UPDATE: DaTechGuy has the quote of the day regarding the budget deal:

As Col Allen West put it this morning: “It takes 5 miles to turn an Aircraft Carrier around but it’s heading in the right direction.”

NB: If you’re on a severely carb restricted diet like me, avert your eyes of DaTechGuy’s header: that picture of the box of cannolis will be enough to make you weep into your coffee.

UPDATE: Professor Jacobson calls Obama’s speech “Strangely Detached From Reality.”  Sounds like a new campaign motto!

UPDATE: A P&P Featured Blog AND a Recommended Read! Thanks!

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  2. […] Obama, weeping on the inside, celebrates budget cuts […]

  3. I work for the Army. I know that our military are generally very professional and committed to this nation. In no other place at any other time in history could a government get away with denying their military the pay they were promised. I mean, think about it. They’re the guys with the guns. It’s a real testament to the example George Washington set when the military accepts their civilian leader’s decisions with grace and trust.

  4. […] Obama, weeping on the inside, celebrates budget cuts […]

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