Michelle and Jill on tour, helping military families (or something like that)

Good thing the military families they’re supposedly helping will be getting a full paycheck at the end of the week, no? That might have complicated things a wee bit.

From ABC:

On Wednesday, the first lady and Mrs. Biden start a two-day tour visiting communities, businesses and non-profit organization working to support military families. The first stop Wednesday morning is a visit to Camp Lejeune where the duo will address 3,000 marines, soldiers, sailors and military family members.  Following that event, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden will join Martha Stewart and pregnant women whose husbands are in the military when they visit Operation Shower, a non-profit that hosts baby showers for expecting military families.    In the afternoon, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden visit service members and families at a support center in San Antonio, Texas before an evening trip to Coors Field in Denver where they will join military families from across Colorado for a special viewing of a Rockies game.  Jessica Simpson will perform for the families.

On Thursday, more events in Colorado Springs and Columbus, Ohio.  Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers and Elmo are scheduled to appear at one of the Columbus events.

During a January appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Mrs. Obama said she would redouble efforts to shine a spotlight on the nation’s military families because many Americans may not be aware of the pressure that deployment causes on families. She said military families need help and support.

Indeed. Try to explain the effects of Daddy missing the last five Christmases. It isn’t easy. Heck, missing one is bad enough. Two, dreadful. But five? Yes, we know folks in that boat.


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  2. […] Michelle and Jill on tour, helping military families (or something like that) […]

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