The plot thickens on Michelle and Jill’s magical help-military-families tour

As a military wife, I agree that most civilians have no clue of what military life truly looks like. A miniscule percentage of American serve, and typically military families breed future military members. It does seem a little dynastic at times. That said, the First Lady’s new pet project (A “Let’s Move” for military families?) doesn’t jive.

And now this from the NYT:

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who was relieved of command in Afghanistan after a magazine profile quoted his subordinates as disparaging senior civilian leaders, has been invited back to public service by the Obama administration to help oversee a high-profile initiative in support of military families, White House officials said Sunday.

General McChrystal will lead the three-member advisory board for the initiative, called Joining Forces, whose aim is to encourage companies, schools, philanthropic and religious groups and local communities to recognize the unusual stress that is endured by families of active-duty personnel, reservists and veterans, and to strive to meet their needs.

McChrystal? Seriously? The man who knowingly awarded a Silver Star to Pat Tillman posthumously fully knowing he wasn’t killed by enemies, but by friendly fire?  The man who let a family  discover–after they buried a husband, son and brother–that the government lied about the circumstances of his death?

He certainly knows about the stress military families endure having caused so much on his own.

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  4. /winces/

    oooh that’s gonna leave a mark

    LOL good post

    • Thanks. I had to use my best militarywifevoice the other day when a good friend could barely conceal her excitement that Michelle would be in town. Gag me. Remember what I told you about that double life, stuff? It gets hard sometimes ; ) Or even better, when another spouse asked, “Well, you’re a Democrat, right?” during the budget showdown last week. I replied rather evenly and said, no, I’m not (when on the inside, I’m screaming: Are you CRAZY?!) DH says I need to moderate my facial expressions more. So I watch the

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