McChrystal unfit to serve military families? Yes, says Mary Tillman

I’m not the only one to take umbrage with the appointment of General Stanley McChrystal to lead a commission on military families. From ABC News’ Jake Tapper:

President Obama named retired General Stanley McChrystal to co-chair a White House commission on military families this week, but according to perhaps the most prominent military family of the last decade, McChrystal is unfit for that duty. 

Mary Tillman, mother of Pat Tillman, the former professional football player turned Army Ranger who was tragically killed by friendly fire 7 years ago, is angered by McChrystal’s appointment, telling ABC News that he was part of the propaganda effort pushing the false tale that Tillman had been killed by the enemy, and keeping the truth from the world — and their family. 

“I was actually pretty shocked to hear it; I don’t think it’s the appropriate choice,” Tillman told ABC News. “Considering that we have plenty of evidence indicating that McChrystal was involved in the cover-up of Pat’s death…he’s not the right person for that kind of a job.”

Tillman says the president’s appointment of McChrystal “makes him look foolish, frankly.”

Go, Mama, go. McChrystal’s appointment illustrates how completely clueless Obama is regarding the military or its families.

Read the rest.  McChrystal’s shameless involvement in the cover-up of Pat Tillman’s death would have wrecked most military careers. He “apologized” for the mess, but never directly to the Tillman family.


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