The difference between “cutting the deficit” and national debt: “Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion?”

From my inbox (thanks, Dad!)

How depressing is that? We’re not capable of cutting the amount we borrow to fund our government for a few hours. Why are we borrowing in the first place? Hey Congress, Act your Wage (in this case, that would be only what we give you to fund the government!) If we don’t have the money for entitlement programs, nix ’em. The Constitution authorizes money for the common defense not the common social welfare. Bummer to y’all, I’m sure.

Debt snowball, guys, debt snowball!

(Not that it’s likely with this boob in office, but, hey, a woman can dream of a future for her children, right?)

Government Gone Wild has much more here.


2 Responses

  1. That is depressing. We are in bad shape, and I have no confidence in the leadership of this country. I will definitely share that video around.

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