Palin to GOP: “Fight like a girl.”


Katrina Trinko at NRO:

In a speech in Madison, Wis. today Sarah Palin talked like a candidate, praising Gov. Scott Walker and blasting congressional Republicans for the budgetdeal.

“After some politics as usual and accounting gimmicks, we find out … it’s not even $38 billion dollars. It’s less than $1 billion dollars in real cuts.,” said Palin.

“That is not courage. That’s capitulation.”

Stating that conservatives would back the GOP if they fought, Palin criticized Republicans for failing to bring about change. “We didn’t elect you just to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic,” Palin said. “We didn’t elect you just to stand back and watch Obama redistribute those deck chairs.”

“Stand up, GOP, and fight,” Palin continued. “Maybe I should ask some of the Badger women’s hockey team, those champions, maybe I should ask them if we should be suggesting to GOP leaders that they need to learn to fight like a girl.”


James Pethokoukis:

But all it took was one powerful, pugnacious and presidential speech — just 15 minutes long — for Palin to again make herself completely relevant to the current political and policy battles raging across America.

Pethoukoukis–among others–see this for what it … might be:

That line about fighting like a girl, as well as her “Game on!” declaration will surely reignite speculation about presidential plans. And understandably so. Frontrunner Mitt Romney continues to fashion and refashion a saleable explanation for his Obamacare-esque Massachusetts health plan. And while Tim Pawlenty scored a coup with the hiring of hotshot campaign manager Nick Ayers, his embryonic candidacy is still a work in progress. There’s enough voter unease that another Mitch Daniels boomlet seems to be in progress.

Will she run? Even many of those close to Team Palin have no idea. Palin herself may not have made a decision and may not feel she needs to until the autumn. But as it stands, she arguably represents the purest expression out there of Tea Party passion and free-market populist rejection of Washington’s bipartisan crony capitalism. If she ran, her high-wattage appearance in Madison shows just how dangerous her candidacy would be to a field of solid but stolid opponents.

I must commit to memory “solid but stolid.” It’s much nicer than I would’ve been.

5 Responses

  1. SP & AW 2012

  2. I finally got to see the video. This was Sarah at her best. If only she had been more focused the past two years. She could have been a shoe-in for GOP nomination. But I loved this, though it was a lot of red meat. It’s easy to stir with red meat, but given the Boehner disappointment it was well needed.

    Hey I also loved that she had a cross pendant clearly displayed on her neck. When was the last time you saw a politician do that? That made my Catholic heart jump, especially on this Palm Sunday.

  3. She’s the most electrifying speaker in American politics. I’m worried, though, that women will not vote for her… Well, who knows, in 1979 Reagan was unelectable

    • I agree re electrifying. (Just imagine her next to Pawlenty!!)

      Liberal women who wouldn’t have voted for a Republican anyway won’t vote for her.

      The Oprah crowd … might be won over. Stranger things have happened.

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