headline vs reality

Washington Post: Economic anxiety threatens Obama in 2012, but in poll he edges GOP rivals

Reality via Ed Morrissey: Obama down to 47% in seriously skewed WaPo/ABC poll. He writes:

The Washington Post and ABC News have published their latest poll, and try as they might, they still have bad news for Barack Obama.  The President has lost seven points off of their poorly-sampled approval rating from January with the latest even-more-poorly-sampled survey today.  Despite giving Obama a ten-point advantage, he drops to 47% approval and hits new lows on the economy.

How skewed? Oh, a ten point lead. Funny how that doesn’t help, huh:

Let’s take a look at the sample, shall we?  In January, when the WaPo/ABC survey gave Obama a 54% approval rating, it came from a sample with a 10-point edge for Democrats, with a D/R/I of 33/23/38.  Their pollster apparently never bothered to pay attention to Gallup or Rasmussen on party affiliation, both of whom show dead heats between the two parties, with Rasmussen showing a slight edge to Democrats this month, 35.3% to 34.0%.  Today’s WaPo/ABC sample is just as ludicrous as last December at 32/22/41, which I’d remind people is three points wider than Barack Obama’s popular-vote margin of victory in 2008 — and that included independents and crossover Republicans.

Spotting Obama ten points doesn’t do him much good, however.  His 50% disapproval is his highest level since September among general-population adults (he got a 52% disapproval among likely voters in the poll before the midterms in October).  Similarly, his 57% disapproval on the economy ties his worst performance in September, and the number strongly disapproving on the economy (46%) is not just his worst ever but approaching a majority. That’s not terribly surprising, however, since 44% now believe the economy is getting worse instead of better or staying the same (28% each), the worst result since March 2009 and a ten-point jump in pessimism since the midterms.  Another near-majority (43%) say that increasing gasoline prices have been a “serious” hardship.

Will the mainstream media be able to rescue their savior in time? Let’s pray not.

It reminds me the Andrew Breitbart interview in The Daily Beast. Breitbart on media:

Q: Do you really believe that the media wants to destroy you?

A: Yeah, I would say that the traditional media, those at ABC, CBS, NBC and The New York Times, are not happy that I exist, and don’t like what I do… Let’s just be honest about where we’re heading in this country, and I think it’s blissful. And that is we’re moving toward a more adult, realistic, British newspaper model. We know which newspapers lean right. We know which newspapers lean left. And it doesn’t mean that either position or the different newspapers are less trustworthy because they admit where they’re coming from ideologically. The press in this country has existed under a false notion that there is objective journalism and that journalists in New York City and Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., liberal enclaves, are equally fair to conservatives and that is laughable to the consumer.

How true. Liberals can continue to delude themselves in WaPo fantasy, clinging to the belief that The One will prevail. Me, I’m glad I exist in reality.

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