Fun at Natural Grocers

“Happy Earth Day,” the checkout girl chirped, “Here’s your free gift–a bag!”

“It’s Earth Day?” my husband asked.

“Yea,” I replied. “Hey, didja know that the Earth Day co-founder killed and composted his girlfriend? And I always thought you weren’t supposed to put meat in the pile!”

He didn’t really compost her as the headline asserts. Had he done so, rather than allowing the poor girl to partially mummify, he likely would not have been caught.

The look on the poor checkout girl’s face was priceless. I had to assure her the story was true. Ira Einhorn sits in jail. I’m sure he’s still a believer–much like Charlie Manson declaring global warming is a grave threat from his cell. Kooks.


10 Responses

  1. Just dropping by to say “no comment”. And LOL.

    • Heh. Who says conservatives can’t be crunchy with their food choices, eh? ; )

      • Actually, when a citizen is committed to free thinking, personal responsibility and making their own independent choices, they often end up choosing organic food, local products, and natural medicines including dietary supplements. Whether that is a “conservative” or “progressive” political stance is up to each individual’ point of view, but we see both types standing side by side in our aisles, and they are there for these same reasons. Ponder that!

      • Considering I shop in your store frequently, you would think I agree, no?

  2. Wow, I’ve learned three new things today with just one visit to one post.


    happy easter PJ.


    • LOL re learning 3 new things. Me too! Hope you and the boys had a great Easter. Not too long until the move! Best to you. –pjM

  3. Did you know that the Phillipines noticing that Earth Day came on Good Friday this year decided to cancel Earth Day? At least there is some place in this world that knows what’s truly important. Earth Day is a crock, a sublimated way for athesits to have some religious feeling.

    • That I hadn’t read, Manny–thanks. It’s awesome to know some folks have priorities in line, eh? (And I’ve long recognized the religious connotations of environmentalism. I always enjoyed Michael Crighton’s environmentalism-as-religion speech. It’s fleshed out and spot on.)

  4. Ha-ha! It’s also Lenin’s Birthday.

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