Birtherpalooza PLUS It happened! I agreed with something the President said!

Ohmygoodness, it must be a signal of the end.

After releasing his “cannot be attained” because “the state never releases it” birth certificate, Obama called The Donald a “carnival barker.”  Heh. I wish it would drive the Democrat donor back to his weird reality series and out of any discussion of running for the GOP nomination.

Ed Morrissey:

Whatever credibility Trump had just dissipated this morning. He won in the same sense that Charlie Sheen is #winning! by getting canned and then embarrassing himself on a national tour.

Exactly. Let Obama embrace “winning” a la Sheen after he’s kicked out of office rather than vote for a combover boob who makes a mockery of common sense.

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Funny: Obama’s long form certificate has its own twitter account! Jim Hoft recognizes the legitimacy:

In case you were wondering… The ObamaLongFormBC is following Bill Ayers, TelePrompter Obama, Communist Party USA and Malcolm X.
It must be legit.

Bonus: Ryan mumurings? Ryan-Bachmann. Ryan-Rubio. Ryan-make-my-conservative-heart-flutter. A plus: seniors are on board the Ryan plan.


5 Responses

  1. Great post. The birth cert has its own Twitter account?


    I saw on the cable news banner that the Pres wants to end “the silliness.”

    yeah b/c silly is so five minutes ago when it starts applying to your sorry butt . .. .

    • Thanks. And yes, I should follow the twitter account despite its obvious lefty leanings. Not that the Birth Certificate would have it any other way!

  2. I will have to disagree. I don’t think this hurts Trump. He forced Obama to deal with the issue. Trump comes across as being in control.

    Now don’t take that as an endorsement of Trump. No way. I agree he’s “carnival barker.” LOL.

  3. Sadly, this stil isn’t the end of the birther issue. God himself can’t convice these people.

  4. I was listening to segments of Rush this morning while driving the kids, and his take that in Trump Obama met his match, a pop star. LOL!

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