Tuesday Laundry

The Other McCain has the latest on the fanatic Lutheran who stormed the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 1561 screaming “Praise Jesus!”  GatorDoug thinks he was a Methodist. As a Catholic, I just lump ’em all together as “Protestant.”

Pundette: Obama heads to Texas to poke a stick in a hornet’s nest.

Can you agree and disagree with John Boehner in one sentence? Yes. “Chris Christie and Mitch Daniels should run,” he says. Yea to the former, however unlikely. Boohiss to the latter. Speaking of Christie fantasies, Byron York discusses the “Republican rescue fantasies” here. I admit to indulging. You?

“In the Navy” was no accident: Navy Chaplains authorizes Same Sex Marriages. Lawsuits headed to a military base near you. J.E. Dyer observes:

As the Navy Times article observes, members of Congress object to the Navy guidance, some of them stating explicitly that it violates DOMA.  But the Obama administration has announced that it will not defend DOMA in court, so it is not clear how Congress can proceed to prevent chaplains from presiding over same-sex marriages on military bases.

The obvious questions that will be raised include how such marriages are to be treated by the military, an agency of the federal government, and how they will be treated when the servicemembers are transferred to states that don’t recognize same-sex marriage.  These questions will be dealt with through lawsuits.

One lawsuit that is coming will be against a chaplain who declines to perform a same-sex ceremony.  The assurances of DOD spokesmen that chaplains won’t be asked to do anything inconsistent with their faith are meaningless.  Chaplains are federal employees.  There will be a judge somewhere who will accord a hearing to the argument that a chaplain has wrongfully discriminated.  The argument will be that clerics should be free to believe anything they want, but that the federal government should not allow them to discriminate in the performance of their duties if they are in its employ.

Unintended consiquences or intended? Gotta wonder sometimes.

The latest Obama campaign strategy: a new “text” alert system in NYC. Cell phone users can opt-out of terror alert texts, but cannot turn off “Presidential messages.” Wanna bet that all texts will end with “To donate, reply with GOBAMA to automatically support the President with $10. Need not be a citizen to reply!”

Last, an apology. I had a Mother’s Day post on the dashboard for three days to shout-out to my favorite mom blogger friends. And we had such an insane weekend that it didn’t happen. Nothing happened. The Mother’s Day weekend that will live in family infamy. A special thank you to my partner-in crime, Teachingmytwo, who is quite busy teaching her two at the end of the school year. And a hat-tip to all the ladies: Quite Rightly, Carol, Sherry, Pat, Anne, MJ, Kris, MarySueRetriever, Just a Conservative Girl, Edge of the Sandbox, No One of Any Import, Lisa and especially Jill. You all brighten my day with wit and wisdom, of both the mom and political variety (which often intersect). And last but not least, to my own mom, without whom I wouldn’t have been interested in either.

I hope your weekends were better than mine! Happy Belated Mother’s Day!


5 Responses

  1. Awww, thanks for the mention! I hope you had a nice mother’s day. (?) Sorry it took me so long to respond to this… I was busy… being a mom? I dunno. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out my friend. And the Navy news, which I had not yet heard. SHEESH this whole thing is gonna be a nightmare . . .

    • De nada, Amiga. I figure I better practice my espanol for the coking open border ; ) word on the street is that the navy chief of chaplains rolled it back today. Surreal. Can’t wait for my first military ball with groping soldiers! And protests outside the base hospital for “equal rights and benefits.”

  3. We all have weekends like that. I love your blog because it makes my brain jog around the park and it’s fat and lazy and needs the work out.

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