“Mitt Romney just gave a more articulate defense of Obamacare than President Obama ever has”

So argues Avik Roy at National Review. Yet another reason to kick Mitt to the curb. More:

He continues to believe that the individual mandate is a good idea, despite the fact that the “free-rider” problem is a myth. His effort to make a distinction between Romneycare and Obamacare was not persuasive: If anything, he convincingly made the opposite case, that Romneycare and Obamacare are based on the same fundamental concept.

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How fun would that make the debates, eh? The GOP nominee trying to out-Obama on Obamacare. No thanks. 

Allahpundit offers a possibly explanation:

He won’t be able to hide from RomneyCare even if he begs for forgiveness, so why bother? Better to stand firm and at least try to undo the perception that he’ll say anything to get elected.

You’re right on the latter. Romney already proved that with abortion!

2 Responses

  1. Manny, I don’t think Romney has skills to govern. All he did in Mass was tack left. That’s not what we need.

    Pawlenty, though I admit isn’t inspiring in any way, has a better record governing.

    Liberals embrace Daniels as the “best” candidate. That’s enough warning for me.

  2. You are convincing me to dump my support for Romney…lol. The problem is that I don;t see any of the other candidates as having the skills to govern. Pawlenty is a possibility, and if Daniels jumps in, he might as well. I can’t kick Romney under the bus yet, though he is disappointing, I grant you. It will probably be between those three for me. We’ll have to see.

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