Delete that nude photo or else?

I’m not sure where the blame lies more, with the parents or the school:

A nude photo of a 13-year-old New Jersey girl has been passed around a middle school, and students have been warned they must delete it from their cellphones by today.

Police were called to Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff after teachers investigating an argument among four students found the photo of the girl on a cellphone.

Police Chief Benjamin Fox told The Record newspaper that students who still have the photo after May 19 could be charged with endangering the welfare of a child or possession of child pornography.

The chief says while there are no plans to inspect students’ cellphones, the chief says there are ways things are brought to the attention of law enforcement.

Empty threats. The school notified parents earlier this week. Why, then, do the kids still have phones in their possession? In my not too distant high school teaching past, visible phones were confiscated during school hours. 

Why can’t the school confiscate the phones? Or better yet, why haven’t the parents?

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5 Responses

  1. A lot of parents view the phones as a way to keep in contact with their kids during an emergency.

    But really most kids use them for mischief rather than security, so they’re more hassle than anything.

    Delinquent parents + irresponsible kids + Too Much Technology = Underage Picture Exploitation. At least, that how I learned that equation back in school. [sarc/]

  2. This was a local story so we heard about it in detail. I don’t know what to think. Kids will drift to all sorts of crazy things, especially out of peer pressure, but she should have had more sense than that. I’m with Lisa. I worry about technology in the hands of my kid. But even more so I worry about how the coarsening culture will impact my child. No matter what the technology, this would not have happened fifty years ago.

    • I worry a little as it’s hard not to, but I guess I hold firm that parents can shape their kids well enough to weather the storms. but if your primary aim as a parent is to be your kid’s BFF, then it won’t work the same way. This–nude photos of a 13 year old–is the natural result of parents who get their 13 year old girls on the Pill to “prevent” any problems.” Because teaching the kid to have the self-respect to keep her legs closed and her clothes on is, of course, so passe.

  3. This disgusts me. Can you imagine if that girl were your child? Frankly, the thought of having to deal with technology with my kids scares me! My husband is very techno-savvy, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t outsmart us.

    And yeah… why do middle schoolers have cell phones???

    • If that girl were my child, she would experience the end of the world this weekend. Unreal. Im with you– if my kid were to have a cell phone (doubtful), she would hide it from her friends–have you seen the exceptionally clunky only dial 911 and 2 other emergency numbers units? Bingo. No other numbers save my own or husband’s would get through.

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