Seriously? Christie, Ryan top Rasmussen

Both have emphatically denied running for the nomination. Yet the none-of-the-above mentality among GOP voters doesn’t surprise me: I’m in the same boat.

According to Rasmussen, here is the margin by which those who are likely to vote in a GOP primary would “definitely vote for,” rather than “definitely vote against,” a given candidate: 

1. Chris Christie, +22 points (30% “definitely vote for,” 8% “definitely vote against”)
2. Paul Ryan, +17 points (23%, 6%)
3. Michele Bachmann, +16 points (26%, 10%)
4. (tie) Mike Huckabee, +14 points (26%, 12%)
4. (tie) Mitt Romney, +14 points (26%, 12%)
6. Sarah Palin, +5 points (23%, 18%)
7. (tie) Newt Gingrich, +3 points (20%, 17%)
7. (tie) Rick Santorum, +3 points (12%, 9%)
9. Tim Pawlenty, +2 points (13%, 11%)
10. Herman Cain, 0 points (11%, 11%)
11. Ron Paul, -2 points (14%, 16%)
12. Mitch Daniels, -4 points (7%, 11%)
13. Rick Perry, -4 points (5%, 9%)
14. Donald Trump, -5 points (21%, 26%)
15. Jon Huntsman, -6 points (4%, 10%) 

Rick Perry falls behind Mitch Daniels and only a tad better than The Donald? That doesn’t sound like a lack of name recognition.

Dismal numbers all around.

Bill Kristol bets the “next President isn’t currently running.” Let’s hope pray.

Related: Ouch. Pawlenty doesn’t excite me. I guess he doesn’t excite many, eh?

UPDATE: linked by Pundette as a “Recommended Read.” Thanks!

2 Responses

  1. […] Seriously? Christie, Ryan top Rasmussen […]

  2. I have to say none of them excite me either. But most of them are acceptable. Herman Cain remains my most likable, but he’s not electable. I guess it will be between Pawlenty and Romney.

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