Panetta won’t protect the military like Gates.

God help us all. The WSJ outlines what outgoing SecDef Robert Gates has accomplished while protecting the military from the Obami:

But on coming into office, the Obama Administration put the Pentagon on a fiscal diet—even as it foisted new European-sized entitlements on America, starting with $2.6 trillion for ObamaCare. The White House proposed a $553 billion defense budget for 2012, $13 billion below what it projected last year. Through 2016, the Pentagon will see virtually zero growth in spending and will have to whittle down the Army and Marine Corps by 47,000 troops. The White House originally wanted deeper savings of up to $150 billion.

Mr. Gates deserves credit for fighting off the worst White House instincts, but his biggest defeat was not getting a share of the stimulus. Instead he has cut or killed some $350 billion worth of weapon programs. He told his four service chiefs last August to find $100 billion in savings. The White House pocketed that and asked for another $78 billion. Last year, Mr. Gates said that the Pentagon needs 2%-3% real budget growth merely to sustain what it’s doing now, but it could make do with 1%. The White House gave him 0%.

Reelect Obama, eviscerate the military. Welfare state or superpower. What do we want to be?




2 Responses

  1. Way too many people still love to be fooled by the Clueless Won. If only they didn’t drag the rest of us down with them. . . .

  2. Well, we do have the House, and the Senate will hopefully come our way in 2012. But in the end the presidential election will be critical. We’ve got to keep Obama to a single term. Must, must, must.

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