Change: Chris Christie, tone deaf

Maybe the national attention and pretty-pleases of folks like me have, um, gone to his head?

Hot Air: Chris Christie takes state helicopter to son’s baseball game

Allahpundit’s wry one-liner captures the rest:

When he got there, he hopped in a limo that drove him … 100 yards to the field.

Jonathan Tobin at Commentary thinks it’s a symptom of a larger problem:

As Alana noted, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking a pasting from Democrats and the press over his use of a state helicopter to attend his son’ baseball game. But I think this is more than a case of bad optics. Christie, a politicians who has rightly earned the admiration of much of the nation for his tough talk about curbing spending on entitlements has come down with a bad case of a different sort of entitlement problem: an addiction to entitlements for politicians.

We’ve all seen it happen before. A man of the people who is elevated to a high political office often starts out humble and down to earth, just as Christie has been. But it takes a lot of discipline and self-denial for anyone in such a position to not start thinking that they are entitled to be treating as a visiting potentate wherever they go. The State Trooper escort, the big car and yes, even the private air transport available to governors starts to seem normal and even ordinary. The temptation to take advantage of these perks even when it isn’t necessary or work-related is great. The tendency to think that one is indispensable and worthy of special treatment becomes second nature.

How disappointing that the man has succumbed to politics as usual, eh? But better that we learn now than later.


6 Responses

  1. Valid Ammo yes, but it is small ball in the grand scheme of things.

    • We rightly scream over Obama’s excesses. That one of our idols apparently feels he’s entitled to copter trips and 100 yard limo rides reveals a problem. Maybe it’s our own if it seems “small ball” in the grand scheme of things.

      • Oh, I am not saying it is ok. I am a big believer in giving it to both sides. My point was that it wouldn’t be something fatal to his career down the road.

        I heard today he paid for it himself. I am not clear if it was because of the uproar or he had done it all along.

  2. He apologized for the copter trip and reimbursed the state for the cost.

    Was it a boneheaded move to do it in the first place? Sure. But if everyone who ever did something dumb was disqualified from higher office…

    …you’d be left with me. And nobody wants me for president.

    • Hey, thanks for the visit. I had planned on linking you once the kid was in bed. Apology and reimbursement, fine. But the 100 yard limo ride? That’s something I expect of Obama, not my GOP governor rock star. Know what I mean? Why give liberals ammunition? Valid ammo at that.

      • The limo ride was dumb. But it’s State Police protective detail policy to MAKE him ride in the stupid limo. Why that is, I don’t know.

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