Exactly: “Americans will never grow up as long as we have Medicare”

The imitable J.E. Dyer writing in the Greenroom:

Beth Haynes writes at Pajamas Media today that Americans need to grow up, and stop thinking we can, in her metaphor, choose and eat cake we haven’t paid for.

Her point is good, as far as it goes.  There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.  But as long as we have “Medicare,” we’re going to continue, willy-nilly, to behave as if we think there is one.

It is not possible to do otherwise.  When people don’t see their arrangements for medical care as a fee-for-service proposition, but rather as a collective “social insurance” scheme, in which the emotion of the moment will always be the tiebreaker for lawmakers’ decisions about other people’s money, no one has to “grow up.”

How do people “grow up” in the course of normal life?  From what does the concept of “growing up” derive?

“Growing up” means assuming responsibility for yourself.

Read the rest. It’s not possible to assume responsibility for yourself if you languish in the ever-growing forced-participation safety net at the end of the road. She argues, much like Walter Williams does, that the current concept of “insurance” has separated people from the reality of paying for their services. Auto insurance doesn’t cover oil changes, folks. It covers catastrophe. When we fully expect someone else to cover our basic needs, whether it be an insurance company or the government, we’re headed into trouble.


4 Responses

  1. Dyer makes explicit the premise which underlies by opinion piece: in a society of properly limited government, there is no place for Medicare.
    Thanks for posting.
    Beth Haynes, MD

    • Very true. And thanks for commenting–I found both of your blogs and will visit again. We share many of the same interests.

  2. I think “forced-participation” is the operative phrase here. Forward thinking people (like my mother) back in the day did NOT want Medicare and now I resent mightly being put in the position of “forced-participation.”

    Unless you are independently very, very wealthy – you have no choice.

    If Obamacare is not repealed than everyone will get a taste of what it’s like. Heck – not a “taste” but a gorging feast.

    • Even if you are independently wealthy, you have very little choice. I have friends–business owners–in that boat. And it wasn’t pretty when he was told his regular insurance automatically changed to reflect your new “medicare” status.

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