Selective rage?

I’m fascinated by the response Chris Christie’s ill-fated helo ride engendered. I registered my disgust yesterday, and blog buddy Chris Wysocki commented before I could update that Christie ultimately paid the state back for the trip after bad optics. But is that it? Garner bad press so pay for the trip thus washing your slate clean? The equivalent of confession. He’s still a good guy after all. Just made a bad decision. We all do. Yes, we all make mistakes. But is an entitled mentality just a mistake?

Just a Conservative Girl added,

Valid Ammo yes, but it is small ball in the grand scheme of things.

Is it? We rightly scream over Obama’s excesses, the date nights and Wagyu buffet while the economy sputters to a halt and more Americans receive food stamps than ever. That one of our own idols apparently feels he’s entitled to helicopter trips and 100 yard limo rides reveals a problem.

Maybe it’s our own if it seems “small ball” in the grand scheme of things.

UPDATE: Just a Conservative Girl added to the original thread:

Oh, I am not saying it is ok. I am a big believer in giving it to both sides. My point was that it wouldn’t be something fatal to his career down the road.

I heard today he paid for it himself. I am not clear if it was because of the uproar or he had done it all along

One incident won’t be fatal to his career. But it does suggest that the you’re-the-only-one-to-save-us drumbeat has gone to his head in a fashion that I wouldn’t have expected. Chris Wysocki’s attitude yesterday was oh, this is just small potatoes and we have much bigger fish to fry. A few-thousand dollar ‘copter ride isn’t the same as The One taking a wicked expensive trip on our dime. But it is.


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  1. Oh, Also, I have never complained about where Obama vacations. That is a non issue to me. Every first family will vacation and we will pay a portion of the costs. It is the price of doing business.

    And yes, I have been told I am not a good conservative because I hold this view. I just agree with Chris on this issue that we have bigger fish to fry and these things are distractions from real issues.

    • I have no problem with the idea of the Obami taking vacations. It’s just excessive and very in-your-face at a time when so many are struggling. And the costs associated with their vacays are astronomical–the transport, the Secret Service, etc etc. Bush went to his place in Texas or Camp David. The Obami are seeing the world on our dime. It chafes.

      I would never suggest you’re not a good conservative as a result. I agree with you and Chris in that we have BIG fish to fry. But it’s not possible to fry those fish when you’re caught with your hand in the oil. Know what I mean? It’s hard to preach about the excess of government when you’re the cause.

  2. I am willing to give him a pass on the limo. 100 yards is a far walk for someone his weight!!! While that is lighthearded, it is also true.

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