Newt’s dose of cosmic justice

Newt Gingrich lost most of his campaign staff yesterday. Fred Barnes writes:

The problem was the wife. Aides to Newt Gingrich have resigned from his presidential campaign in protest of what they felt was a takeover by Callista Gingrich, the candidate’s wife since 2000.

The euphemism offered by departing staffers was they disagreed with Gingrich’s “strategy” for the campaign. Indeed, they did disagree. But it was a strategy – a part-time campaign, in effect – that Gingrich’s wife favored.

Several aides, including campaign manager Rob Johnson, met with Gingrich on Thursday morning and told him of the senior staff’s unanimous decision to quit. Gingrich later put out a statement saying he was staying in the race.

The last straw for the campaign staff was Gingrich’s decision to go on a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean, from which he returned on Tuesday. His advisers urged him not to go and take so much time from a campaign that was already in trouble. But his wife wanted him to go and she won the argument.

I wonder who wears the pants in the Gingrich household, eh? When you leave your wife on her deathbed to go dally with a blonde who becomes the next wife, if the blonde does you in in the end you really can’t complain. Just sayin’.

Stacy McCain offers another blonde-who-snuck-around-with-the-married-Speaker-of-the-House anecdote:

Given that the Newt 2012 bandwagon has now obviously run into a ditch, let’s talk bluntly: In February 2009, I attended the premiere of the Reagan documentary, Rendezvous With Destiny, which was produced by Citizens United and “hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich.” It was a great movie, except . . .

Callista Gingrich? What the hell was she doing in this movie? Every time she appeared on the screen, it felt wrong. Jarringly wrong.

Here was this cast of authentic heavyweights –James Baker, Marlin Fitzwater, Jack Kemp,  Bill Bennett, Ed Meese, etc. — sharing their recollections of the Reagan era.

And then there was Callista Gingrich.

And now Newt and Callista can slink away quietly together. DLTDHYONAIYKWIM.

Two of the staffers who quit were former Rick Perry aides, giving rise to more talk of a Perry run. (Please, please, pretty please!)



3 Responses

  1. I live in the same town as the Gingrich’s. I run into them on occassion. Very, very nice people who seem very devoted to one another. They make good neighbors, I am glad to see that they will remain that way.

    • I saw her once, singing at the Basilica. I’m sure they’re both lovely. And I agree with your well-stated sentiment: I’m glad they’ll remain good neighbors ; )

  2. Newt is through. It’s a shame but he never had a chance, and his wife pushed him over the clft.

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