First and last 5280 magazine

5280 is a Denver-centric publication. I bought it this week because of the hike guides to Colorado high elevation lakes. Like this one on the cover, Upper Ice Lake:

 Unfortunately, I don’t think we’d survive that one with pjT in the Kelty after reading the blurb. We might have to wait a few years before Upper Ice Lake becomes reality. Luckily, the piece details other hikes we’ll add to our summer repertoire.

But this, from another article, grates:

Enterprising white men have been exploiting Colorado’s mountains for generations. First it was trapping, then mining, and then, in 1936, the Pikes Peak Club hatched the ski industry when it strung up the first rope tow a few miles west of Colorado Springs.

Amazing, isn’t it, how easily liberalism rolls off the tongue? Those bastard white men, creating jobs and wealth where others saw none.

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