The conscience of a city

An observation: driving through Boulder, Colorado, it’s impossible not to notice the values of the city as a whole. Wind turbines scar the landscape just out of sight in order to soothe the liberal conscience. Bike paths mark every street. Car bumpers proudly proclaim every liberal tenet. Save the animals. Save the planet. Tolerance. Abortion on demand. It’s no surprise that Boulder–the home of the University of Colorado and one of the largest 4/20 smoke-ins–voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

Leaving Boulder in a funeral procession, I noted the lush flowers dotting every corner. It really is a beautiful town–fun to stroll, too. Two motorcycle escorts darted through cars to shuffle us through red lights.

After leaving the city, we meandered through farmland, snow-capped mountains always in sight, for an hour. Cows, horses, hay bales. Cars pulled to the side of the road, pausing for our procession. Every single one. None did in Boulder.

In the town that proudly displays its liberalism, folks care about animals, “fair trade” coffee, the planet, the source of energy, and that women have the right to slaughter their own babies freely. But no one can be bothered to pay a moment of respect in the middle of a busy, busy day to a human they’ve never met and will never know.


UPDATE: linked by Creative Minority Report. (Wow). Thanks!

5 Responses

  1. I go to school at CU Boulder, and I have to say that your description of the diseased town is spot on.

  2. country folk are still human…

  3. I’ve never been to Boulder, but it sounds like a California city. They are talking about those stupid wind mills here in New York City too, believe it or not.

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