Will the Feds create lightbulb checkpoints outside Texas?

Rick Perry, show ’em how it’s done.

Via PJ Tatler, where Brian Preston notes we all wished we lived in Texas, Physorg with the news:

State lawmakers have passed a bill that allows Texans to skirt federal efforts to promote more efficient light bulbs, which ultimately pushes the swirled, compact fluorescent bulbs over the 100-watt incandescent bulbs many grew up with.

The measure, sent to Gov. Rick Perry for consideration, lets any incandescent light bulb manufactured in Texas – and sold in that state – avoid the authority of the federal government or the repeal of the 2007 energy independence act that starts phasing out some incandescent light bulbs next year.

“Let there be light,” state Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana, wrote on Facebook after the bill passed. “It will allow the continued manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs in Texas, even after the federal ban goes into effect. … It’s a good day for Texas.”

So this is how it’s done, right? Since the sole remaining incandescent bulb factory closed last fall, will an enterprising upstart create manufacturing jobs in Texas to allow customers to choose? Will American-made incandescents win back consumers? Will black market bulb runners use existing drug networks to smuggle incandescents to the other 49? Will the disgraced ATF be in charge of lightbulb networks since they shouldn’t be allowed near weapons?

I’m willing to run the border for bulbs, how ’bout you?


4 Responses

  1. My husband and I always joke about how we both feel like we should be from Texas. Seriously.

    My husband has a campaign slogan for Perry:

    Don’t be a d*, vote for Rick. Rick Perry 2012.

    What do you think. LOL.

    • LOVE IT. Not so sure my mom would wear the pin…. but it might be the hip n with it logo for the mindless sheep we call youths ; ) Maybe we can educate enough of them this time around, and make them understand the root of high unemployment for teenagers and recent college grads.

  2. If Perry wants to be president, he’d better sign this!


    The economy of Texas just went up a couple of points.

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