Reading between the lines of one percent

We’re repeatedly told about America’s “changing families” who demand “rights” in the name of equality. The Census data rolling out this summer details “living arrangements” in American communities. A sampling of the media, from the San Jose Mercury News:

Census statistics show quarter of California same-sex couples raising kids

Wow, with a headline like tha–a quarter!–you’d think California a mecca of same-sex couples with kids. In the weeds:

The family of four is among nearly 1 percent of California households — about 126,000 homes — headed by same-sex couples, according to statistics from the 2010 census being released Thursday. The numbers, if they are accurate, show nearly a quarter of California’s same-sex couples are raising children.

Nearly one percent. Same-sex couples account for less than a percent of households in California. Moving along, another article from Delaware:

Same sex couples find a home in Delaware

The lede:

In some Lewes and Rehoboth Beach neighborhoods, same-sex couples like Keith and John Riley-Spillane make up nearly one out of every 10 households.

An area known for its gay population only has one in ten same-sex households. More:

The 2010 census found 3,352 same-sex couples living together, up 80 percent from 1,868 in 2000. Almost a third of them lived in the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach area last year.

Still, same-sex couples make up just 1 percent of the state’s 342,297 households.

80% growth! Yet–what’s that–one percent again. Gee.

One percent in California. One percent in Delaware. States with significant and well-known gay communities. Meanwhile, we’re told of the quarter of households with children. And the explosive growth in population. Of one percent.

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  3. It will be interesting to see if the kids of gay couples develop the same as in hetero couples. I remember seeing a statistic that children of gay couples have have a substatially higher odds of growing up gay themselves. which suggests that there is a learned component to homosexuality, not just genetic.

    On a similar subject, gay marriage passed in New York State on Friday. I have a blog on it out.

  4. Check out this article:
    Gay couples in CA prefer to raise kids in red counties. Also, 80% of kids in such families are from previous marriages. So kids conceived/adopted by gay parents live in .05% of households. I see a lot of that; two girls in my daughters preschool have lesbian moms. But we live in an area where things like that happen probably as often as they ever would. It’s really a fringe phenomena.

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