Oh, Barney

From a WaPo article detailing the need for defense cuts to balance the budget and the GOP’s willingness to play ball:

“Defense spending is damaging spending. Many of us believe it does more harm than good to our people and to our reputation in the world,” said Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). “If we can get $100 billion from reducing unneeded military spending, that’s better than $100 billion in taxation.”

Hey, Barney, I feel the same way about entitlement spending.

Allahpundit explains:

This is a biggish concession that Republicans are dressing up as a huge concession in hopes that agreeing to it will placate liberals and thereby give Obama enough political cover to drop his demand for tax hikes. Tea partiers will tolerate cuts to defense, especially now that O’s short-circuited the Afghanistan surge just in term for his reelection campaign. (The Ron Paul wing of the tea party will welcome the cuts, of course.) What they won’t tolerate is tax increases, so the GOP’s going to try to leverage the left’s stereotype of the right as adamantly and uniformly hawkish, even though it doesn’t really apply anymore (as last week’s Libya vote proved). If we concede on the top Republican issue circa 2006, i.e. defense spending, will you concede on the top Republican issue right now, i.e. trillion-dollar budget cuts?

Read the rest.

What say you? Defense cuts before entitlement? Fire military personnel before DC bureaucrat rank and file?



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