Alec Baldwin speaks truth to power

Via Fox Nation, Alec Baldwin on twitter:

Fear Bachman bc she is raising so much money. Anyone that inarticulate and full of *&$#% who is raising money that fast..

See the Tweet here(warning foul language) beholden to some mighty thuggish interests

Funny he should say that given Obama’s fundraising prowess among unions, the dead, illegal overseas donors and cartoon characters. Not to mention “inarticulate and full of *&$#” moments off ‘promter.

Shake it, Michelle. Liberals will foam and froth. Dismiss it rather than complain, and let the loons make fools of themselves in the process once the One starts speaking off ‘promter. 57 states, anyone?

Earlier this week: Remember when they were afraid of Sarah?

UPDATE: linked as a Recommended Read by Pundette. Thanks!


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