Union workers can’t be bothered to pick up crap: stinky symptom of larger problem

I used to frequent this Metro station:

A Metro rider found an unpleasant surprise on his daily commute at the Franconia-Springfield station on Monday: human feces smeared on the pedestrian bridge into the station.And making matters worse, it was still there Tuesday and Wednesday. No one had cleaned it up.Austin Lasseter said he spoke to the Metro station manager on Monday, then each day thereafter. But she told Lasseter it wasn’t Metro’s problem. The stairs belong to Virginia Railway Express even though it was on the Metro side of the bridge.

“Everyone walks past it on their way into the station, and it stinks,” Lasseter said. “The station manager’s attitude is a perfect example of what’s wrong with Metro. They just don’t care about anything, even crap in their stations.”

Why should union workers have to care about anything? Jobs and bennies guaranteed, no effort needed. Just keep lining the pockets of Democrat benefactors and all will be well.

Speaking of Democrats, unions and crap, the President spoke yesterday, spewing lots of the latter. Pundette has it all:

Obama press conference live; Update: Corporate jet owners ruining America

Obama transcript and video lowlight

Almost done with the king’s speech

The best example of Dear  Leader’s excellent oratory: “Doing Afghanistan.” Pundette points to VDH who argues Obama’s best Huey Long impersonation falls flat. Well, Huey Long didn’t have a ‘prompter…


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  1. Somebody rubbed poop on the stair railings? Lovely people out there.

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