“One wonders whether, when the history of this era is written, today might go down as a turning point.”

So ponders John Hinderaker at Powerline on today’s devastating (and unexpected, of course) craptastic jobs data. More:

Americans have been steadily giving up on the Obama administration, as evidence accumulates that its policies have failed and it has no solutions to the nation’s economic problems. Not only that, its purported solutions–most of which are really just pretenses for government takeovers–have made the situation worse rather than better.

If today was a turning point, it isn’t only because of the dismal news. Equally important was President Obama’s response to the awful numbers. Once again, after two and a half years in office, he can do nothing except make excuses, deflect blame, and try to turn bad news into political opportunity:

“Beset by a weak jobs report, President Barack Obama on Friday called for swift action by Congress to raise the nation’s borrowing limit, saying the uncertainty over the debt ceiling has hindered hiring in the private sector.”

This is a ridiculous claim. Many factors deter private hiring, some of them needlessly imposed by the administration–excessive regulation, Obamacare, harassment of businesses like Boeing on behalf of unions, and so on. The only issue with respect to the debt ceiling is whether the Democrats’ wild spending spree will be reined in. If so, that will, indeed, spur growth in the private sector.

IS it a turning point? Will folks realize that government cheese isn’t all that? Here’s a fabulous graphic via Dan Mitchell:

The economy is in tatters.

Smitty makes a prediction. Fascinating idea, no? At first, I welcome the thought. Until I realize who would be President.

UPDATE: Welcome Pundit & Pundette readers! Thanks!


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