The plight of old conservatives

Age discrimination is a bitch.

No black cloud hangs over me because of my age: mid-30s suits me just fine. Until now, when I noticed Mark Steyn would be an hour away at the end of the month. Tickets to attend the Western Conservative Summit for “Young Conservatives,” of which I am apparently no longer, are $50. Tickets for over-25 like me are $250.

Maybe I need a tip jar, no?


UPDATE: Pundette-alanche two ways! Thanks!


10 Responses

  1. Yikes, that’s expensive. I’d prefer to just read about it in the conservative websites. I never go to any political function. All they really care about is my money.

    Mid 30’s is a good age: mature but still not old. I’m going to be hitting 50 in less than six months. I’m getting old. 😦

    • Agreed re the expense all. Out of my budget and out of my range for asking as a birthday gift, too. I started wondering if I could still pass for 25. I could at 30. But the new trend of no longer being carded when buying wine for dinner likely indicates that no, I could not lol. It has to be the forehead wrinkles: the past 3 years of politics has made those worse–I have to stop furrowing my brow while I read news. ; )

  2. How about those “Preferred Tables of Ten” (all inclusive) for a mere $2500?

    Now that would be a party!

  3. They should do discounts for military families.

    • I wish! Or concerned parents! Sigh. But then they’d make no money, and they should with a headliner like Mark Steyn. That I’m too frugal to pay for it is another story ; )

  4. Love Mark Steyn! Ugh $250? That would be pretty tough for me to pull off with the hubs. Hope you get to go. He is hilarious and his commentary is always spot on.

    Mid 30s is now old is what they are telling us. Thanks. 😉

  5. Oy! That’s a pretty steep difference!

    • Isn’t it? On one hand: Mark Steyn! On the other: eek, $250!!

      Maybe I should go to Denver International Airport and scout for redheads with fabulous accents? That would narrow it down. Hold up a huge sign of “America Alone.” And I could stick a taxi marker on the SUV after cleaning the free space in the back of 3-year-old books and crumbs. That’s the new plan!

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