Why I won’t buy my daughter a breastfeeding doll

Because she already “nurses” the dolls and stuffed animals she has. (Though recently she has started denying some based on age. “You’re too old, Bear. I’m sorry. It’s only for little babies.”)

The faux-controversy over a bestselling European doll making a début stateside:

A new doll hitting stores in the U.S. is causing some controversy with parents. It’s called The Breast Milk Baby and it claims it teaches young girls how to breast feed.

The doll is made by Berjuan Toys, a company out of Spain. It comes with a special halter top that has two flowers where nipples would be. When a little girl puts on the top and holds the baby doll up the flowers, it makes suckling sounds.

The company says the doll is a top-selling toy in Europe and on its website, says the toy ”lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, just like mommy!”

I agree with the last bit though the flowers and suckling sounds are a little too much. I tend to agree with the John Rosemond approach–old-school toys only–but my daughter has amassed quite the collection of stuffed animals from grandparents, godparents and friends in addition to her Bitty Baby. But the angst of interviewed parents focused on the act itself, something I find perplexing unless it’s a reflection of attitudes toward nursing itself. Who am I kidding? When mothers are asked not to nurse their infants publicly, why wouldn’t a nursing doll baby cause anguish among the puritans?

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4 Responses

  1. “You’re too old Bear.”

    Ha, thx for the chuckle. You know what this doll reminds me of? The Barbies they advertised on the telly in the UK. One had a dog that pooped, and the other had a cat that peed. Did those ever even get sold in the US, let alone marketed, I wonder.

    There’s always a group too sqeamish about something or other here in the States. But seriously, a nursing doll isn’t as gross as a treat-crapping dog.

    Is it?

    • Welcome for the chuckle ; ) Weaning was a long and very drawn-out process here. I was happy to nurse pjT through toddlerhood, but convincing a very verbose (and argumentative lol) toddler that she’s too old took some doing. Would do it again in a heartbeat. (Hope to!)

      As for a crapping dog toy, I’ll stick to my old-school approach. I doubt dog toys were that, um, advanced back in the day. (Now, that being said, I’d have no problem with licorice jelly beans being used to represent poop, lol.) We have a routine game in our neck of the woods: identify the animal poop. Deer is most common. Dog, unfortunately, comes in second. Bear is a rare treat. ; ) We’ve identified the latter next to the swing set.

  2. I like the old-school toys only approach. My daughter has a baby bottle that makes suckling sound (a gift, I hate battery-powered toys) and she doesn’t like it any more or less than her other kitchen toys.

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