The military can take “significant” cuts but entitlements can’t?

WTH?! Oh, how quickly we forget: Plurality ready for “significant” military cuts:

Nearly one-half of Americans now think the United States can make major cuts in defense spending without putting the country in danger. They believe even more strongly that there’s no risk in cutting way back on what America spends to defend other countries.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Adults feel it is possible to significantly reduce military spending without putting the American people at risk. Thirty-seven percent (37%) disagree and do not believe major defense cuts come without risk. Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure.

 Ed Morrissey notes the growing number of Americans who think the military can bear the brunt of government cuts sans any impairment to national security. The military will be cut–why else is budget-hack Leon Panetta the new Secretary of Defense?–but at what point will folks realize that a reduction in force (RIF) costs more when the inevitable security threat becomes reality? 

If we can’t convince the plurality who think eviscerating the military is the answer to our collective budgetary woes that changes to Social Security and Medicare are not only expedient but necessary for the survival of the country, then how long do we have left? A decade?

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  7. But what do people mean when they say cut military? Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan is the most likely what they are talking about. It doesn’t occur to them that isn’t what Uncle Obammy has in mind.

    • JACG: it’s cut troops, not just Iraq and Afghanistan. We ramped up for war. The RIF is coming. And it will likely be a heavy one.

  8. I know it about people who think we spend so much on the military. They are so wrong. We ar down to 3.5% of GDP for the military. That is historically low.

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