Abortion the only “choice” allowed

Via Steven Ertelt at LifeSiteNews, Deroy Murdock on “choice”:

Almost unanimously, Washington Democrats call themselves “pro-choice.” “I support a woman’s right to choose!” they thunder. “Choice,” of course, means abortion, and that is where the Democrats’ passion for choice starts and stops.

Elsewhere, Democrats sabotage a woman’s right to choose. Instead, they demand to make that choice for her, as they do for men.

I support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to use a traditional Thomas Alva Edison incandescent bulb. Democrats disagree.

The House of Representatives voted July 12 on a measure to repeal federal regulations that effectively criminalize sales of Edison’s bulb. According to Freedom Action’s Myron Ebell, violators face a federal penalty of $200 per offending bulb sold.

Among 239 Republicans, 228 (or 95 percent) voted to liberate women (and men) so that they could choose among inexpensive incandescents, pricier LEDs, compact fluorescents (tainted with toxic mercury), and even candles. (Five thinking Democrats supported the GOP majority.) Candles average 15,260 home fires and 166 attendant fatalities annually, the National Fire Protection Association reports. Yet candles remain legal.

Among 192 Democrats, 183 voted to deny a woman this choice, echoing President Barack Obama’s veto threat. (Ten statist Republicans concurred.) Fully 95 percent of Democrats defended a 2007 law (signed by socialist Trojan Horse George W. Bush) that is steering Americans, like cattle, toward alternative bulbs.

“These standards are not taking choices away,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently told journalists. The polite word for Chu’s statement is “Orwellian.” The precise word is “lie.”

Read the rest. Murdock argues that “choice” means anything but.

Last week I said the same thing: Liberals will choke on their “choice”


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  1. It is amazing. So they repealed it? I had not heard. If so, I bet the Senate kills it. Let’s see.

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