Wave those flags, y’all

Old Glory plays mind-tricks on liberals.

Everywhere. Via Rush this afternoon, liberals at US News and World Report freak out:

Just a brief exposure to an image of the American flag shifts voters, even Democrats, to Republican beliefs, attitudes and voting behavior even though most don’t believe it will impact their politics, according to a new two-year study just published in the scholarly Psychological Science.

What’s more, according to three authors from the University Chicago, Cornell University and Hebrew University, the impact had staying power.

“A single exposure to an American flag resulted in a significant increase in participants’ Republican voting intentions, voting behavior, political beliefs, and implicit and explicit attitudes, with some effects lasting 8 months,” the study found. “These results constitute the first evidence that nonconscious priming effects from exposure to a national flag can bias the citizenry toward one political party and can have considerable durability.”

Wave it!



I wonder what colors the DNC will pick now. Green and pink(o)? Heh. Appropriate.

3 Responses

  1. We fly ours all the time! One of our neighbors commented on how often we fly it, “you sure do like the flag”. Um, yes. Don’t you? We live in a very culturally diverse neighborhood and we must seem like patriotic weirdos or something. But I don’t care. We also have an American flag over our fireplace. 🙂

  2. LOL that’s hilarious. Thanks for sharing it. The results of a study like this pretty much shows that the right side loves the country, and the left side generally doesn’t. I mean, exceptions and all that, but what other conclusions can you draw?

  3. I saw it on Brett Baier the night before. I bet that’s where Rush got it. Yay, wave it proudly!

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