Then why do they have government jobs in the first place?

Is this the new way forward? The Hill:

About 4,000 FAA employees are now furloughed without pay, according to the FAA, as the Senate on Friday failed to approve a controversial House-passed extension of taxes that help fund the FAA.

Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood explained that airport safety would be maintained while damning Congressional inaction:

Because of their inaction, states and airports won’t be able to work on their construction projects, and too many people will have to go without a paycheck. This is no way to run the best aviation system in the world

Leave it to a liberal to tack on government workers sans government paycheck as no way to run “the best aviation system in the world.” What does that have to do with it? If an agency has 4,000 workers charged with unnecessary duties, why are they there in the first place?

Same message repeated:

“The FAA employees who will be furloughed perform critical work for our nation’s aviation system and our economy,” FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said in a statement. “These are real people with families who do not deserve to be put out of work during these tough economic times.”

What’s the critical part here, the paycheck? Millions of Americans who held private-sector jobs are in the same boat.

What kind of “controversial taxes” does the FAA collect? Ones that hike your airfare:

Since politicians were not able to come to an agreement over extending the operating authority of the FAA as of midnight tonight, about 4,000 people will be out of work and federal airline ticket tax will no longer be collected. The shutdown will not affect airline safety, but it will stop airlines from collecting about $200million per week in ticket taxes that would help to to fund FAA programs.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air argues this will cost more money in the long run:

There will be some long term repercussions from this, with particularly fierce impact on smaller, rural airports. Those funds are required for repairs, construction and some scheduled maintenance items. It may seem like a short term, happy tax holiday for travelers, but the bill is going to come due sooner or later. (And we’re talking about the government here, so you already know who gets to pay that bill, right?) And since the Senate seems to have left town, it’s not going to get resolved overnight.

I disagree. More about the small, rural airports hardest hit:

The House on Wednesday approved an extension of FAA taxes until Sept. 16, but that extension included language that would prohibit federal subsidies from going to three small airports in Montana, Nevada and New Mexico because tickets there are subsidized at more than $1,000 per ticket.

The House extension included language eliminating subsidies to 10 small airports because they are within 90 miles of a medium or large airport.

The government subsidizes plane tickets? And part of this pissing contest is the result of small airports not receiving past subsidies? If an airport cannot compete in the open market because ticket prices are too damned high into said tiny airport, then it should CLOSE. But no, our government, hard at work, subsidizes airports, too. Unbelievable at this point.

End the subsidies. Trim the fat. What part of this is so hard to understand? WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY.


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