“In an accidental moment of honesty”

The White House fails at subterfuge among other things.

Via The Foundry, the White House plans on confirming anything that passes Congress. What happened to call your bluff, dude?

In an accidental moment of honesty, White House Deputy Press Secretary Dan Pfeiffer today admitted on Twitter that President Obama will likely sign any debt deal Congress sends his way. This revelation came in an exchange with Stephen Gutowski, the blogger known as The College Politico. Gutowski asked Pfeiffer: “Do you see a scenario where the house & senate pass a deal but the President doesn’t sign it?” and Pfeiffer responded: “No, bc only something that has R and D support can pass both bodies”.

Up until today, the White House has attempted to portray President Obama as the mediator of a grand bargain, but his role has increasingly diminished as Congressional leaders have lost faith and trust in the negotiations taking place in the West Wing. It is now clear that President Obama is on the sidelines, without a plan or position, hoping Congress can solve the impasse without him.

Not even leading from behind. Watching from the sidelines. Surreal. Or as Pundette calls him, President Planless.

So hey John Boehner, please don’t give it all away now.



4 Responses

  1. I see that Obama is voting “present” just like he used to LOL

  2. If there’s someone in the White House capable of “an accidental moment of honesty,” expect that person to have a career change — asap.

  3. Republicans really need to stop formulating plans. They are negotiating with themselves. Let the Pres put out something first. President Planless is good. How about President Putz?

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