Why is it easier to procure “medical marijuana” than raw milk?

Drug vs nutrition. Government gone wild.

Lew Rockwell has the skinny on a state-by-state analysis of how to obtain raw dairy. Here in Colorado, green crosses dot the streets advertising “real doctor on premises” to write that ‘script for MMJ. But in order to buy raw milk, I have to buy a share of the cow and pay a boarding fee on top of the price of the gallon of good stuff. But at least I can buy it–13 states outlaw the sale of raw dairy.

2 Responses

  1. Do you guys drink raw milk?

    Why does the government give a HOOT if people drink raw milk? Something is so wrong here.

    And personally, I don’t really care if people smoke marijuana either. If they want to get high and fat, that is their business… assuming they aren’t hurting others. Ugh. Another area the gov’t should keep out of.

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