Perry of Paint Creek

Good news to get through the debt drudgery: Perry “all but certain” to declare in second half of August.

This provides great insight into Perry’s character:

The first place you need to go to understand Perry is Paint Creek, where he grew up. Paint Creek is not a town. It’s a watercourse that runs through the cotton fields of southern Haskell County. Perry’s parents were tenant farmers, and not just tenant farmers but dryland farmers, which is as hard as farming gets. In a June 2010 interview with TEXAS MONTHLY editor Jake Silverstein, Perry described an incident involving a new couch that his parents, who “rarely ever bought anything,” had just purchased. “There were places in our house that you could see outside through the cracks by the windows,” the governor recalled, “and this dust storm came in and there was a layer of dust all over that new couch. And it just, you know, kind of—it was a hard life for them.” In the interview, Perry also described taking baths in the number two washtub and using an outhouse until his father built indoor plumbing in his early years. “We were rich,” Perry said, “but not in material things. I had miles and miles of pasture, a Shetland pony, and a dog. . . . I spent a lot of time just alone with my dog. A lot.”

Perry’s worldview isn’t clouded by what he lacked by others’ standards or a skewed perception of what others owed him. He wasn’t handed anything. How refreshing, no?

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3 Responses

  1. That was a good read. I didn’t know much about his upbringing. Thanks.

  2. Boy this is inspiring. I wish my kids had miles of pasture to roam with our dog. So far I really like this guy. Hopefully there are no skeletons. Fingers crossed for him running… and for him winning. 🙂

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