Ah, a deal: does it even matter?

After reading Mark Steyn at his most scathing, no:

The Democrat model of governance is to spend $4 trillion while only collecting $2 trillion, borrowing the rest from tomorrow. Instead of “printing money,” we’re printing credit cards and pre-approving our unborn grandchildren. To facilitate this proposition, Washington created its own form of fantasy accounting: “baseline budgeting,” under which growth-in-government is factored in to federal bookkeeping as a permanent feature of life. As Arthur Herman of the American Enterprise Institute pointed out this week, under present rules, if the government were to announce a spending freeze — that’s to say, no increases, no cuts, everything just stays exactly the same — the Congressional Budget Office would score it as a $9 trillion savings. In real-world terms, there are no “savings,” and there’s certainly no $9 trillion. In fact, there isn’t one thin dime. But nevertheless, that’s how it would be measured at the CBO.

Like others, I have a hard time fathoming “trillion.” Steyn points out $9 trillion eclipses the combined GDP of Japan and Germany. Still having trouble? Try this. It adds a certain dimension to the debate, no? If we’re incapable of honestly cutting money from our budget now, then we’re headed down the tubes in no uncertain order unless we kick the charlatans out of DC. A goodly number of Republicans included. For-ev-er.

So what lies ahead? Steyn paints a rather dismal picture. Read the rest.

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3 Responses

  1. While it was a qualified victory, but I do think we conservatives won, and in the process Obama has been exposed as the weak leader he is. This brought him down, both with independents and his own Liberal base. He has been so weakened I cannot imagine how he wins re-election.

  2. We don’t need to know how to count to a trillion to know that the future under the status quo is spelled M – I – S – E – R – Y.

  3. No it doesn t matter at this point what Washington does. And, more than voting them out is necessary. THROW out the tax code. Do a 10 percent income tax one everyone with no deductions…even Charlie Rangle can’t get confused. Prosecute the cheats, no matter who the are, not just us unwashed masses. Lower the corporate tax to 25 percent….folks we pay their taxes thru increased prices on the products, so we pay those taxes too. Imagine if we get a vat tax….taxed front and back…sheesh.

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