“There’s no preparing for it.”

Typing through tears.

Oh, Kimberly Vaughn, you are in my prayers forevermore. Vaughn just experienced every military wife’s nightmare:

Kimberly Vaughn saw TV reports about the downed helicopter Saturday morning, but the tragedy reached her home when her doorbell rang.

“I thought, ‘Oh, hopefully it’s just a neighbor,’ and as I rounded the stairs I saw the men in uniform and I just fell to my knees,” she said. “There’s no preparing for it. It’s something you see in the movies. It’s not something you’re supposed to live through.”

Her father was standing with her to hold her up as the Navy officers told her that her husband was killed in action.

Prayers for Kimberly, her two-year-old son Reagan, and two-month-old daughter Chamberlyn. And all the families who experienced the same devastating doorbell ring on Saturday.

From an interview this morning:

When asked what Vaughn’s children, 2-year-old Reagan and baby Chamberlyn, will remember about their father, Kimberly Vaughn replied, “They will take away his love for Christ. They will take away is strength and his love for this country.”

And in a heartbreaking moment of realization, an emotional Kimberly Vaughn concluded, “And they will know what an amazing man he is — was.”

Aaron Vaughn’s mother on the unique difficulties the families of special operations forces face:

“Everything he did was secret, and it just feels really strange right now that only in his death can we celebrate who he was in his life,” Karen Vaughn said. “It’s a very difficult concept to understand.”

It is for those who don’t live it. Pray, pray, pray for these families and for all families who fear a knock at the door for months on end while their loved ones are deployed. It is not an easy life.

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