It was a trap

My sadness has given way to rage. From the AP:

The Taliban lured US forces into an elaborate trap to shoot down their helicopter, killing 30 American troops in the deadliest such incident of the war, an Afghan official said Monday.

US President Barack Obama pledged that the incident — which killed 38 people — would not keep foreign forces from prevailing in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon called the downing of the Chinook a “one-off” that would not alter US strategy.


A senior Afghan government official told AFP on condition of anonymity that Taliban commander Qari Tahir lured US forces to the scene by tipping them off that a Taliban meeting was taking place.

He also said four Pakistanis helped Tahir carry out the strike.

“Now it’s confirmed that the helicopter was shot down and it was a trap that was set by a Taliban commander,” said the official, citing intelligence gathered from the area.

“The Taliban knew which route the helicopter would take,” he continued.

“That’s the only route, so they took position on the either side of the valley on mountains and as the helicopter approached, they attacked it with rockets and other modern weapons. It was brought down by multiple shots.”

This is the consequence of loose lips a la Joe Biden who should have to face the 30 families he has forever scarred.

This is also a lesson to all military families. Keep yer lips shut. Do not parade around town with yellow ribbons in your hair or “Half my heart is in Afghanistan” bumper stickers on your car. You make yourself a target for those who would cause you harm just because they know they can. Just like Joe Biden and a few other “government officials” made it a little easier for troglodytes to trap a Chinook and bring it burning to the ground.


Many thanks to Pundette for the “Recommended Read” link.

4 Responses

  1. It’s heart-breaking.

  2. Oh such sadness. Obama’s statement was typically weak. We need to show more resolve. God bless those brave souls.

  3. Hey. I am still shaking from the news…

    Tried to tell a wife I saw at the commissary once re the bumper sticker. She tried to argue I wasn’t patriotic. It was hard not to laugh. I was flabbergasted. You don’t seem to understand, I said, that people could follow you home knowing you’re alone? Deaf ears. I’m probably overly-sensitive to this when pjHusband takes trips. Have a neighbor come pose as husband for deliveries if possible, etc.

  4. Oh, oh, ouch. The news hurt bad enough, without realizing this. THanks, though, for sharing. We need to know these things. We need to remember how dangerous simple words can be, in war.

    best to you

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